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Question about drywall rip cut placement on ceiling

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I have an angled ceiling in a new bathroom I am about to rock. Wondering what was best option for hanging. Bathroom ceiling is 7' wide x10' long.
The flat is about 2 1/2' wide and the angled section is about 4 1/2' wide. I already have 4x8 sheets to use for this. Starting with a 4 footer at the lower side of the angle section will leave me short 6 inches to the transition point. Should i place the rip cut at that location or down at the wall end? Another thought was to add the six inches to the flat sheet and attempt to break an edge with that sheet, if i am explaining this correctly. I am attempting to eliminate one of those seams up there. How is this normally handled? Thanks for your input.
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Here you go. An early pic from my files. But does show the transition i am speaking of.


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