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Hello, Im a woodworking hobbiest and right now I'm working on a project that is an end table built to look like an old Nintendo (yep, you read that right). I'm wiring up an accessory outlet to it as well as an led and a switch that will turn the LED on as well as a lamp. It'll all make sense when you see the picture.

Im no blueprint artist, so bare with me. basically, power comes in, goes to a latching NO push button (power), then to a momentary NC button (reset), then through a 5 amp LED and over to a single outlet which will have a lamp plugged in. In short, push the power button, LED comes on, lamp comes on. Push reset button to make them flicker for that extra retro feel.

Now, in parallel with that circuit is the duplex outlet, which will be where the controllers would normally plug in. This is intended for charging a phone, laptop, some sort of device like that. My question is this: If whoever I sell this to decides to plug a vacuum cleaner or something else that pulls a lot of current into the duplex, would the circuit with the 5A LED be at risk of overloading? If they were in series I would be completely sure that it would, but being in parallel is there still the same risk? and if so, is there some way to isolate them?
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