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Question about average costs

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:eek:I have recently embarked on a complete hallway main bath remodeling project and I am about to start getting quotes. However, I have no idea what to expect price-wise on some aspects of the remodel. If anyone has any recent experience with the cost of any of the items I've lised below ( just a ballpark figure, or price range, would do nicely) I would greatly appreciate your feedback. I live in the Chicago area.

Looking for estimate of cost to:

Push a wall back about two feet. ( the wall is 9 ft high & 6 ft. wide)

Move a toilet about two feet from its current location

Move a toilet about 6 feet from its current location

Re-configure the current plumbing of a standard bathtub to a stand alone clawfoot tub.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated !!

Kind regards,
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You can't really get an estimate of the cost to perform work like this over the Internet. Prices vary widely by area & by the person. Its usually needed to see the area. existing plumbing etc to provide an estimate
hi laura, and welcome to the forum.
that's a big job you have there and without more details, it's awful hard to say.
how easy is the plumbing access?
is the wall load bearing?
moving toilets would normally mean redoing the flooring...
too many variables to give any kind of quote accurately, (pictures always help us here), but i'd guess around $5,000-$10,000...just a real rough guesstimate....

Laura, This is a DIY site. This is not a how do I write a check for someone else to do it site. Since you posted here you are now obligated to do the whole thing yourself. The good news is that you will save lots of money and there are lots of people on here that will answer any questions you might have on how to diy. So ask away.
Since you posted here you are now obligated to do the whole thing yourself.

yup, you can do it all yourself for a few hundred dollars.....
if you're resourceful...


I watch these sites quite a bit and am always amazed at the smart a$$ cooments so I will try not to be one of "those guys".

Laura, bathroom projects are expensive so doon't kid yourself. Now multiply the expense by the fact you live in Chitown. Now multiply the expense once again by the fact that you are going ot be moving walls and affecting more than one room. Don't venture into this project lightly because I always figure you won't touch a bathroom remodel for less than $5,000 -7,000 MINIMUM and that is for gutting out a small bathroom (5x7) and installing new mid grade quality fixtures and vikryl tub and shower.

If you are going to be moving plumbing there are other rooms that are going to be affected possibly ceilings but possibly not. You are looking at possibly hiring a structural engineer to analyze the project if the wall you are moving is structural but then again maybe not.

Please don't let these kinds of sites and the tv shows lull you into a certain sense of security because thre is more to it than just an hour television show EVERYTHING about these projects are site & situation specific. There are some details such as gluing pipe together but then everything else on your project is unique to your project.

In conclusion if you don't know what you ar doing don't and hire a professional that is what we get paid to do. If you can't afford a professional find a friend or family who is a professonal that knows what they are doing. If you don't have one of those availible then sstart looking for qualified contractors and be prepared to bite the bullet as that is the cost of enjoying a more functional living environment.

Good luck and be sensible and safe!
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aha! a SPY!
oops, i hope that wasn't a smart a$$ cooment! lol

RS Means publishes books on how much every little thing. An afternoon sipping coffee at Border's and peeking at their copy will probably get you pretty close to a good price.

And their data is corrected for ZIP code.
"The median income for a household in the city was $38,625, and the median income for a family was $46,748. Males had a median income of $35,907 versus $30,536 for females."
Fer' sure, if you lived in Honolulu you'd pay more.
aha! a SPY!
oops, i hope that wasn't a smart a$$ cooment! lol

You shall be flogged if it is....was.....could be
I won't give you prices, but a good (2005) book to read some of.... Scroll in the book down to area adjustments for your local, then enter toilet in the book's search box..... scroll to what to where and price........ see how it works.

Be safe, G
User has not been back to the site since making the post (5pm)
Which is the case with a lot of of people
Hello All,

I didn't mean to say that anyone was being an a$$ I meant I didn't want to make any smart comments to the Laura so please excuse me if anyone took any ownership of that comment.

I am not a spy at all just a concerned individual that gets tired of homeowners thinking that these projects should be done for nothing because the television shows make the projects look soooo simple but there really is more to it than that. Another thing they want is to do the work themselves and not bring in the professional before the project kicks off and then when it is wrong it is the professionals fault that the project is soooo expensive because they have to fix a lot of stuff.

Take care all and I hope that no one took any offense to my origional posting.

oh heck no, Paragon! i was just yankin' yer chain.... lol
you said you've been lurkin' a while, just glad you decided to post a bit! the more input the OPs get, the better!
and yeah, SOME of the posters here can be real [email protected]$$es... not ME, of course, but some of these guys.... heh heh

Very cool dangermouse and good to see a person with a sense of humor!

I enjoy these sites and helping people even if it is really painful at times.

Take care and it is good to be here!
yeah, sometimes people don't like the answers they get here, even after 20 guys tell them their plan won't work and why.... lol

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