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Question about adjusting brakes on a Ford 800 series tractor.

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This is a ford 800 series... 850 specifically. I've never messed with the brakes on this tractor, but i have replaced drum brakes on a truck before.

The problem is that the brakes dont work on the tractor... when i press the brake pedals they just go down to the floorboard and dont slow anything down (or if they do i dont notice it). Do you think adjusting them might get them to work?

It usually takes me a long time to do anything like this, so i just was curious if devoting the time to jacking the back tires up (at least the manual says i have to jack them up) and figuring out how to adjust them would possibly solve the issue.

If it sounds like the tires will need removed and the drum assembly messed with, then i might leave it for another time.

Thanks for any advice.
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Well i went out, jacked it up, and adjusted them.

The left side adjustment thing had no resistance at all when i turned it, and the brake does nothing, so it seems like that tire will need the wheel taken off to check things out inside the drum.

The right side had resistance when i turned the adjuster, and i turned it a good bit to try and get it to work better.

Here's the weird thing... on that right tire when i am moving forward and apply the brake (with the clutch in, of course), it really doesn't do anything and the pedal goes down to the floorboard with no resistance... but if i am in reverse, it stops the tractor like it should.

I repeated this many times and it was always the same thing... if the tire was moving forward (even just coasting in neutral) the brake did nothing... but if the tire was moving in reverse, the brake worked like it should. I could coast up in neutral on a slight incline and the brake wouldnt work at all, but the instant it rolled to a stop and started rolling backwards the brake would instantly work.

Any ideas as to why the brake will work in reverse, but not in forward drive?
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yeah looks like i will need to set aside some time to remove the tires and get everything in the drum working properly. thanks everyone.
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