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Question about adding a joist - how to fit it

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I would like to sister a joist 16 ft long, but make it go the entire span as the original joist (both ends of the original joist rest on a supporting wall, and I want the new sister to rest on the supporting wall on both ends as well.) Something tells me that even if I angle the new joist at an angle and flip it horizontal, I'll be able to squeeze it into the space, BUT will have trouble trying to flip it back upright. This is a ceiling of a 2 story house, so there is plywood sheets above the joist that I cannot easily remove.
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Edit: To clarify my poor grammar. There are supporting walls (plural) on both ends of the joists.
Edit again: Forgot to mention, joists are 16" apart, and 2x10's.
Rip or plane the ends to fit, then shim under it at the sill plates. Glue & screw or nail every 2ft.
You install it laying flat on the sill plates tip it up and drive it in place at the top with a maul.
I've done hundreds this way with no issues.
The top corner of the 2x10 is often cut to match the rafter coming down and ther should be a little extra overhang to help get it in place when flat. Then, hold it at the angle available and tip it up. If needed that corner can be further down as one 2x10 isn't holding all that much weight. Don't get carried away, but just enough to twist it into place.

To rotate it, screw or clamp a length of 2x4 perpendicular to it as a lever.

What rafter? He's working on a floor joist.
LOL, that explains the 2x10, my bad. Thanks Joe.

I am in a similar boat, I had prior work done to my kitchen. The contractor cut out part of one of the floor joists. I am no selling my home and inspector flagged it. Adding a sister joist to support as recommended. I'll probably trim off 1/8" or 1/4" to get it in there as it's simply to tight, not enough room and leverage to pound it in place. My question is what kind of screws or nails should I use? and how long? Joist is a 2x8x12. I want to do it as proper as possible without going nuts so there are no questions on the repair. Thanks in advance!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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