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Question about 16d nails

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Just had a quick question about framing nails. I need to pick up Paslode Galv angle nails 16d from the hardware store. From my understanding 16d are 3 1/2" long but I can only find 3 1/4". Are 16d Paslode nails 3 1/4"?
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Some framing nailers only shoot 3.125" nails and some are a smaller diameter.
These would actually be a 12d nail. I use them for framing but if inspected some inspectors will require an extra nail at each end of each stud.
Look at Paslodes website for a chart.

Here's a link to the spec sheet for your nailer:
A 16d nail will shoot all the way through two 2X4s leaving some sticking out the other side, those things are a little rough when handling, we always used 12s.
Back when I was framing houses in college we used standard 16d nails, I learned that if you angle the nails a little they won't stick out the other side, plus they hold a little better. I wouldn't frame with smaller nails, they just aren't as good.

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