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My electric meter base is on a remote pedestal, 50' away from my house. The main power cable then runs through underground conduit from that pedestal to the house and my breaker panel is in the house. Not sure if I'm describing this with the right terminology, but there is a subpanel that is part of the meter base that has a 200 amp breaker that is a disconnect between the meter base and the panel inside the house. Next to that 200 amp breaker are two 20 amp breakers, each of which supplies a GFCI there are 2 GFCI receptacles also on the remote pedestal, each energized by its own 20 amp circuit, with no other receptacles on those circuits Please see the attached photos. OK, that's the background. I am going to build a garden shed in my yard that will be 140' away from the remote pedestal. I want to take one of those 20 amp circuits currently supplying a GFCI and use it to energize a single 20 amp circuit in the garden shed. I won't be building the garden shed for another few months. But, I have a gravel parking pad between the remote pedestal and the new garden shed location, and I'm having that poured with concrete in a few weeks, so I'm going to run the conduit and wire for the new garden shed now, before the pour. I have dug a trench 20" deep between the remote pedestal and the new garden shed location, and I am running 1-1/2" PVC conduit to connect the 2 locations. For wire, I am using THW 8 AWG, which is submersible well pump wire. I have about 200' of this wire left over from having a new well pump installed, so I'm going to use it to get power to the new shed. I'm not having this inspected, but I want to do everything to code. In the photos, you can see the two 20 amp receptacles on the pedestal, one over the other. I'm removing th bottom receptacle and using that box as a junction box. I have attached a 3/4" water-tight flex conduit connector to the bottom of that box and will run an approximately 2' long piece of 3/4" water-tight flex conduit over to a 4"x4"x4" PVC junction box. There are no knockouts in that junction box so I have drilled a hole in the left side of the box to receive a 3/4" water-tight connector to receive the 3/4" conduit, and I have bored a hole in the bottom of the box to receive a male connector for the 1-1/2" PVC conduit that will be coming up out of the ground (schedule 80 for that riser). In the attached photos, you can see me holding the junction box in place with the fitting on the left side of the PVC j-box lining up with the fitting coming out of the old receptacle box, and it is between those 2 fittings that I would run a piece of 3/4" water-tight conduit. Will what I've described and what I'm showing inthe photos meet code? If not, what do I need to change. Thanks very much.


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