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Hi folks, just put a pergo floor into one of our spare/bonus rooms. Ripped out 20 year old carpet - very nasty.

So, we got the flooring to basically be flush with the drywall, and still have it's 3/8 expansion gap. So, when we put the base boards back, it will cover all the gaps. So, the question is, what's the story with quarter round? The rest of my house has it, this room was carpeted and therefore did not. Would you suggest.

1.) Use quarter round. It's always a net positive aesthetically whether it is needed to cover any flooring gaps or not.

2.) Don't use it, its purpose is primarily to hide gaps/blemishes beneath it. So, if you don't have any, stick with the base boards alone.

3.) Number two is generally right, but to be consistent with the rest of your house use it.

Any suggestions welcomed.

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Plan on it---shoe molding is the name--base molding is straight and inflevable---floors go up and down---so there will be some gaps---I did see someone cope a set of base boards to a floor---took him several weekends---I didn't think the extraordinary effort was worth the time---
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