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PVC pipes

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I feel that I am a handy guy know how to do some things but for some reason I am having trouble keeping my PCV pipes guled together. I have use the purple primer and the hot glue then in 6 mos to 1 year the weld opens up. I have a lot a line pressure becasue I am comming directly off of my meter. Does any one have a answer for me?
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Is this residential? i can't imagine your pressure being more than 60-80 psi.

Hot glue? Never heard that term in relation to PVC.

Primer both pieces and apply pvc cement to both surfaces to be glued together. If possible, twist the two pieces 90 degrees immediately after gluing together.

You should hold them together for 15 seconds or so for the glue to grab because the pieces can push apart when first glued.
The pipes should be able to take that and more.

I it sched 40 or 200?

What part of the country/world are you in, paul? Do your pipes freeze? Is it only breaking at the joints?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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