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I was installing the vent piping for my basement bathroom this weekend: mostly everything went smoothly with the exception of two areas:

One of the 90* drops to a fixture was buried in the wall: it took quite some effort to prime and glue the back side of the pipe. Also, because of the location, I wasn't able to add any twist while joining the parts. To add to the issue, the joint was able to fully push out, because I had to reposition in order to apply leverage to the joint. I was able to seat the joint, but I'm a bit concerned that because the fitting was able to fully push out, the seal may have been compromised (although the cement was still wet when I pushed back)?

Also, in another section while working down a branch, I had to add a coupler. About 5 minutes after cementing the coupling, I moved onto a 90 in the same branch to change direction down.... I noticed while adjusting the 90, there was a popping/creaking up the line (towards the coupling). I didn't realize it at the time, but while re-reading the cement label for cure times it dawned on me that the coupler joint may not have been fully cured; Could the creaking have been the coupler cracking under pressure?

I unfortunately don't have the tools to pressure test myself, and the inspector will be here this week: I'd rather not have to pull the fittings apart and re-attempt; bit of you all think it's a good idea, then I will (I'd hate having to reschedule an inspection this time of year!!)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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