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Hello there DIYers....

I need some advice/guidance regarding putting in a pond.... I don't want one of those plastic little cute Home Depot ponds with a pretty little fountain... I want to dig out a pond that looks natural... I want it to be in the neighborhood of 15' by 10' in size. I want it to be as natural as possible so I'm looking for advice on how to do that exactly...

I'm still in the planning stages so any advice would be welcomed!

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Materials--Rubber roofing --looks like the rubber used in inner-tubes.

Getting the pond depth to 36" in the center should prevent complete freeze up,allowing you to leave the fish in the pond in the winter---

A long 'stepped ' spillway will allow water plants like watercress and forget me nots to filter the water with their roots as the pond water goes by.

Plan your pond so that a set of greenhouse hoops and plastic covering can quickly be erected in the late fall---repiping the pump to bypass the spillway and just blast into the center of the pond after the green house is up.----That will keep the water aerated--abd keep the center of the pond ice free--

These are all ideas that my father used on a good sized pond in Illinois.--Mike---

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in and around the home for children under the age of five years in California, Arizona and Florida. 75% of the children involved in swimming pool submersion or drowning accidents are between one and three years old. Victims had been missing for five minutes or less when they were found in the pool drowned or submerged. Other bodies of water such as fish ponds and fountains have the same potential drowning hazard as pools.

Check with your local Building Department for minimum Code safety requirements. This is the current one, you may or may not be under it:

Not trying to deter you, just letting you know some facts. I hope you enjoy the new addition!

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