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Putting Down Backer Board...Do I need to add a SLC or can I just put it down?

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I am remodeling my kitchen. I pulled up the tile, which was down, when I bought the house. The person who installed it, placed the tile directly on the plywood subfloor. I am going to be putting down backer board, so I can put vinyl down.

Do I need to use a SLC to level the floor before I put the backer board down? Do I need to use SLC after I put the backer board down? Or do I even need to use SLC, because I am putting vinyl over the backer board?
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Did you scrape off all the old thin set?
What condition is the plywood in?
Not sure what you mean by "backer board", should be laying subfloor rated plywood and filling any gaps and flaws so you have a flat surface.
Pictures are your friend here.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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