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Putting a link on the internet

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Is it a hard process putting a link on the internet?
Like a name and then when someone interested clicks on that name
it will go to a web page/ another link?
Is there a book to buy to explain this?
My son said that my provider will assist me ?

Deck hand
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A link on the Internet?

This basically a web page
When you do an Internet search every link you see leads to a web page/site

Many providers give you a free web page/site as part of your package
You need to contact them & find out how to access it & set it up
They will telll you the link name, possible you may be able to name it yourself.

In some cases they have their own software that you have to use to setup the web page/site. In other cases you can use MS Word to setup the pages. I use Microsoft Frontpage (outdated) to create mine:

I actually registered my own web-site, naming it what I wanted - then created my site

A web site can be as simple or as complex as you want
I started mine maybe 4 years ago & have modified it & added on thru the years
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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