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put new drywall over old ceiling?

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we are putting new drywall on the livingroom ceiling and wonder if the old ceiling should be removed... it is a tile style ceiling like trailor homes used to have... should we go over it or take it down?
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There are two common types of these tiles. They may have been installed by gluing to the existing ceiling surface. Or more commonly they are attached to small furring strips spaced 12" apart which run perpendicular to the support joists...which you need to screw the drywall to. If you are screwing through furring strips you need much longer screws to catch joists and support the weight of the drywall. This will be much more of a pain.

Either way...Take it down...If you don't, you are only asking for headaches. Not to mention....finding your supports to screw to through the tile and strips will be a headache. And the chances for sagging drywall, popping screws, cracked corners, will go way up if you go over existing tiles!!!

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new drywall over old ceiling

to: timthetoolman.....

thank you! i did take the old celing down and so glad i did... needed to do a few repairs up there and my husband will put up canister lights now... wasn't even too messy.. i pulled the strips down and that tile came down in decent size strips also... thanks again. debra
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