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pump sewage uphill?

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i am building a new cabin in the mountains and have a existing septic tank that is aprx. 200' from the new cabin and the new cabin is aprx. 10' below the grade of the existing septic tank... i am looking for the simplest... maintenance free way of connecting the new toilete to the existing septic tank... i am off grid and use solar and have a back up generator... but was wondering if there might be a system the uses water to pump it uphill to the tank instead of a electric pump? my water is via a spring with my holding tank aprx. 150' above the cabins... so i have around 80psi of water pressure... can anyone help me with some ideas?
thanks in advance,
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I am only aware of one type water powered pump. It is a sump pump but you would need a macerating (grinding) pump for solids. This type also uses 2 gallons of water to pump one gallon. You may want to check out the Sani-flo website since they make macerating toilets with pumps. Not cheap, but may be your answer.
maybe i should ask... what are my options? so far what i have seen are variations of a holding tank then a sump pump that sends the waste up hill... "Quik Jon"or with or without a grinder or a grinding macerator with a sump pump (ie: used in boats etc) what manufacturers are best.. the most reliable... does the system smell? how noisy is it? how long does the pump run? etc... etc...

or maybe something like this?

Little Giant 9S-SMPX-LG, Unassembled Package w/ 20" x 30" Poly Basin, 1 Piece Cover w/Bolt-On Flanges - 9S 4/10 HP Sewage pump, 2" Discharge, 2" Check (509108)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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