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Pulled up carpet to put in wood flooring and found 2' plumbing hole in slab.

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I pulled up my carpet and found a hole that was covered in cracked putty about 2" thick that was covering part of a hole in the slab for plumbing. It is filled with dirt and covered with about 1-2 inches of putty/mortor. The tack strip nails for the carpet had cracked that patch pretty good. I found dirt trails from ants out about 6' along the walls.

My question is, should this have been done better by the builder? Should I go back to them to fix this? This home is now 5 years old. Or, should I DIY this and dig out as much dirt and junk out of the hole as possible and fill it with concrete?

I'd like to make this match standard code, but also want to finish the room ASAP...

Mike Gilbert


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While that doesn't look like a very neat hole are you sure this isn't a plumbing cleanout or somthing in there?
Also those ant dirt trails, make sure that they are not termite tunnels.
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