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Wasn't sure if this was better suited for here or painting, but here goes.

I built my deck 10 years ago using PT lumber. Now about 25% of the deck boards are rotting. Seems too soon, but whatever.

The only thing to do is replace the decking. I can't see a point is replacing just what is rotting if it was all put down at the same time.

First time around I waited too long (4 years) because of circumstances beyond my control to stain it. Latex stain (Floods) was used for stain.

Having said that, once the new decking is down, how long should I wait to stain and would I be better served to use oil base this time? Since the posts and rails are still good I figured I would just recoat that again with latex.

Thanks in advance.

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Oil base stains do a better job of sealing the wood but might not hold up as well to intense sunlight. The wood needs to be dry from the pressure treating process. That could be as little as 6 weeks or as long as 6 months from the time of install.

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I have never replaced all of my 1987 deck boards at once. I have been through about three cycles where I replace only the bad ones, and I'm pretty sure that some of them are still original. When you find a good one, you stick with it. Kind of a survival of the fittest principle.

Before you lay the new ones down, stain all four surfaces. Put some kind of flashing on the deck joists and beams under them. While the decking is off, take the opportunity to put preservative on the old frame.
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