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Proto tools

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I changed shocks in my Dakota r/t. The passenger side rear uppers has a exhaust shield next to the upper mount. A ratchet, breaker bar and/or torque wrench could not fit.

I needed a long wrench. I craftsman 13 x 15mm(size used) was long enough. It flexed when I really got on it to tighten upper bolt.

Figured long pattern wrenches would come in handy. Got a napa long set brand new for $10 plus $6 shipping from cripe dist. It was missing the 16 17 and 19mm wrenches. Got a gearwrench 16mm for $5 w/ shipping included from ebay(cripe again). I bought a proto 17 x 19 7.5 degree offset from amazon to round out set for a whopping $21.

WOW! This proto is literally 3 times as thick as the napa, gearwrench, and craftsman. The box ends are about twice as tall. I bought it to round out set and was curios about big buck wrenches.

The napa, gearwrench, craftsman, and even the little bit if harbor freight I have do the job . But that proto is sweet! Bet that bad boy will never flex! Proto is USA made too! Least the one I bought! Nice chrome too!
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Proto is USA made too! Least the one I bought! Nice chrome too!
Not sure where their made now but at one time I lived right across the street from their factory just outside of Portland.

Boom Clank, Boom Clank, all night long. It almost drowned out the sound of the trains that were on the other side of me. :laughing:

They must have been made just for the industrial market because I've never seen a Proto on a store shelf.
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