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Proto tools

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I changed shocks in my Dakota r/t. The passenger side rear uppers has a exhaust shield next to the upper mount. A ratchet, breaker bar and/or torque wrench could not fit.

I needed a long wrench. I craftsman 13 x 15mm(size used) was long enough. It flexed when I really got on it to tighten upper bolt.

Figured long pattern wrenches would come in handy. Got a napa long set brand new for $10 plus $6 shipping from cripe dist. It was missing the 16 17 and 19mm wrenches. Got a gearwrench 16mm for $5 w/ shipping included from ebay(cripe again). I bought a proto 17 x 19 7.5 degree offset from amazon to round out set for a whopping $21.

WOW! This proto is literally 3 times as thick as the napa, gearwrench, and craftsman. The box ends are about twice as tall. I bought it to round out set and was curios about big buck wrenches.

The napa, gearwrench, craftsman, and even the little bit if harbor freight I have do the job . But that proto is sweet! Bet that bad boy will never flex! Proto is USA made too! Least the one I bought! Nice chrome too!
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Back in the 60s when I was doing mechanic work, Proto was as good as Snapon, (which was over priced anyway) IMHO. Husky, S&K and some others were really good tools. If I didn't have a open end boxed in long enough I would just hook two wrenches together, worked for me.
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