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Protecting wire?

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Our basement was framed and wired for finishing. We decided for various reasons to go with spray foam insulation: which is great....

.... Until you realize it pushed the wires out closer to the front of the wall, and holds them solidly in place.

I can already picture my wife trying to hang a picture with a nail, puncturing the wire and getting shocked.

I know they make nail plates for studs: but do they make any that go completely across stud bays to protect the wires?
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Is the wall still open so you can post a picture so we can see what your seeing?
Was the wall framed with 2 X 4's and framed like a regular wall, not laying flat against the wall?
Trying to picture why any wires would have been run so high that hanging a picture would be an issue.
I'll try and snap a picture. Traditional 2x4 framing, standing about 1" off the concrete foundation.

We ran the wires at about waist height in case of water. We also ran a set of 6/3 wires at about 5 feet up in order to run it into an adjacent garage for a sub panel.... Our water lines are at the 6foot mark (I want to protect those too.... PEX).

On top of it all we have data cables running in between the water and the 6/3.
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