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protect low voltage wires

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I installed two 2 inch conduit runs from my house to my detached garage, about 30 feet. One conduit houses electric wires for my sub panel. There are LBs at the house and garage for this conduit.

The second conduit houses ethernet and coaxial. Not wanting two LBs at both the house and the garage for aesthetics and also the layout making it quiet difficult to do so, I stopped the second conduit short of of the house underground, ran the communications wires along the other conduit and into the house and garage. the wires are zip-tied to the outside of the conduit and are obviously exposed to the elements.

I realize this was not the best way to do this, but it was a "temporary" solution. Now I am wondering if there is any ideas to cover, wrap or protect the exposed portion of the wires until I decide on a more permanent solution.

Anyone have any ideas?

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My suggestion is of course to just "finish" the conduit run you started. You either need UV resistant wire, or a UV resistant cover/conduit.
I guess it is all in the eyes of the beholder. I have three LB's at the house and three at the detatched garage (with expansion joints) and I think it is a thing of beauty. Nothing like a nice neat conduit job.
I agree, however, at the house there is a driveway to the left and a window well to the right of where the power LB attaches to the house, and on the inside, there were water pipes I had to work around. Everything was a tight fit. At the garage I had to curve out of the hole and install the LB horizontally due to driveway and patio being in the way. I suppose there was a way I could have done two LBs at the house and garage, but it would have been difficult and it was my first time working with conduit. I can pull a new ethernet or coax relatively quickly when they eventually fail, but was just looking to protect them as much as possible so that last longer...until of course I do things the right way.
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