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protect asphalt drive fr: hvy trucks

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I need about 20 tons/15 yards of pea gravel delivered for underneath a playset.

I'm not allowed to dump this in the street, according to the town (do it on a saturday?? :)

So I will need the dump truck to dump on my asphalt driveway with an admittingly questionable base...barely to code if that.

So I am shopping around for a smaller dump truck than the 12 ton, 6 wheel truck the gravel company has. I may use a "1.5 ton" dump truck, but this company says it will take 5 does that work??

I have no idea what different trucks are like and weigh, etc....novice here.

Also, even with this smaller truck, would 2-3 layers of 3/4" plywood help spread the weight out under the wheels?

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Since you have an asphalt driveway, you are definitely on "thin ice". The reason being is that asphalt pavement is not strong, but it strong enough to spread the load to base under it. More thickness hepls somewhat. If the base is not good or compacted well enough or is moist the strngth goes down. This is in contrast to a rgid pavement, like concrete that spreads the load out to a much larger area (sort of similar to a lot of sheets of 3/4" plywood).

As far as I know there is no "code" about the pavement thickness, the base thickness and compaction or the subgrade quality. There are some non-binding "acceptible standards" or just installation guidelines.

Call the aggregate supplier and they can give you suggestion since they run into this frequently.


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isn't dick's new car pretty nice ? ? ? :thumbup: i'd dump it in the street OR on the driveway's apron then rent a bobcat to trundle it up to your site,,, any pavement ' code ' would be normally be a developer's issue w/his subs altho, on occasion, local govt officials do spec driveways, too.
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