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Proper way to change direction

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I am wiring for some pot lights. I am running 14-2 wire from the first pot light back to the switch. The ceiling joists run perpendicular to the switch wall. I bored through the ceiling joists from the pot light and now my wire needs to make a 90* turn to go to the switch. My question is how to support this wire in the joist bay properly. In other words, can I staple the wire onto the opposite joist from where the wire came in (bored hole) and then run the wire to the switch.

PS: I didn't just run the wire from the pot light in the same joist bay because the wall that the switch is on is where a lot of heating ducts and plumbing stacks live.



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Stapling as describes is acceptable.

Did you install a shield over each joist where you drilled , to prevent someone in the future from nailing up into a wire?

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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