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proper plumbing? need clarification

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#1 - the flow is from right to left - I was told by a city plumbing inspector that on a horizontal run such as this, a 90 degree elbow was not permitted - but 2 - 45's should be used.. is this correct? any minimum distance between the 2 - 45's required?

#2 - flow is from right to left - same question above about the 90 degree elbow on the right, and the t-connector on the left - should that not be a Y-connector?

#3 - this is a horizantal run, flow is right to left - should the 3 or 4" T-connector not be a Y-connector instead?

#4 - flow in large pipe is right to left.. is this a proper connection?

#5 - flow is from right to left.. is this a proper connection?

thanks for any helpful comments...
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You must use a long sweep 90 or 2, close coupled 45's on horizontal runs.
Horizontal branch lines connecting to another horizontal line must connect with combination wyes and 45s. San tees not allowed.
i should clarify, i am in Ontario, Canada, in case the applicable plumbing codes are any different elsewhere....
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