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I am wiring a generator plug to a new system, off-grid. I am seeking confirmation that the conduit I intend to use is appropriate.

The location is New Hampshire, where I will have proper inspections done.

The PB30 30-Amp NEMA 3R Power Inlet Box plug box is mounted to the outside of the garage siding (vinyl siding over wood). Is it correct to use flexible plastic conduit from this connector along an interior garage wall to the transfer switch panel? I would think the 3/4" non-metal flexible conduit would be a good match. Is that correct?

I will also be wiring a subpanel in another building via an underground conduit. The same flexible non-metal conduit along the walls connected to rigid non-metal conduit below grade. Is that correct?

For the interior wiring to lights and sockets, can the same non-metal flexible conduit be used?

This will likely forever be an offgrid system that I will maintain.

Thanks for any thought.
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