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We just moved into this house and I never had a fireplace before. I am experiencing some strange behavior.

-From day one I was able to use the remote that it came with to set the temperature and it would automatically go on. We didn't keep it on long, it was just for testing.

-Since winter we went to use a few times. But it would only stay on for under 5 minutes and then go off. Pilot light would also go out. Pilot light would light back up no problem and stay on.

-There is a dial with the + and - so i turned the + a little more and got the fireplace to stay on. I had it on for about 1 hour the other day but then it went out again. Pilot off as well.

-Wife turned it on today with the switch on the wall like I did, she said the flame got high then went right out and pilot went out.

Any ideas? thermocouple? It was installed in 2005

-Remote stopped working. I just have the module to off now. I tried syncing it and everything. It won't sync. Seems that the remote is no good. It did drop off the mantel. So I'm guessing that did something?

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Do you have to manually light the pilot or does the remote do it?

Do you have Propane for your furnace and rest of the house or just the fireplace? Is the tank full or very low. If very low then your pressure may be low.

Post the brand name and model of the fireplace.
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