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Propane Fireplace-Convert back to Manual control from Remote?

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Hello, new to the forum. I have an older Patio Fireplace and looking to get it back to working order. It is a vent less propane for outdoor use. The tile facade has crumbled due to weather and some of the electronics look past repair. I no longer have the remote controller and not sure if the electrical circuitry would even work if I found it. I cannot find a Model or Make of the fireplace itself but have attached pics of the controls/valve. Is there anyway to convert this to a Manual fireplace with a flame control knob and keep it simple? Simply looking to get it working again and don't need convenience of remote. I would be happy to even have to manually light it each time vs buying a new fireplace. I am very handy but this is my first crack at a gas fireplace


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I wonder if the second battery pack replaces the 3v transformer shown in the linked manual. Reassemble the unit, pop in some batteries, follow the guide and see what happens. Keep your face away from the burner assembly when attempting to light. Good luck, I normally wouldn't tell you to do this but it is outside and you are "The Dude". :biggrin2:
The Second Battery pack of AA is for the Remote/sensor which I dont have and I dont believe it works.
Also I found out the Valve is a Dexen M-6003-3V and looks like the remote operates a black box on the side with gears to increase decrease flame?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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