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Projects that Increase Lifestyle and Value of a Home

When homeowners are considering remodeling their home, they should always make sure that the upgrades they want will add value to the home even if they are not planning on moving. Projects that range from simple to extravagant can either make or break the value of a home, and it is up to the homeowners to decide what upgrades are worth spending the money on. Obviously any projects that increase the value are worth the money. Before any project is started, homeowners should do heavy research as to which upgrades will increase their home’s value.

Exterior upgrades that add value and appeal
While interior upgrades might seem more beneficial, exterior upgrades are just as important or in some cases even more important than interior upgrades. If homeowners are looking to sell their home, the exterior should be just as appealing as the interior or more so because the exterior is the first part of the home that is seen by potential buyers and can be a make or break point. Statistics have shown that a new front door is an investment that definitely pays off. Updating the front door of a home is a sure way to increase the value of a home. Another sure way to increase the value of a home is by updating garage doors for curb appeal. Homeowners might also consider adding or updating a deck in the backyard as decks are known to increase home value.

Interior upgrades that add value and appeal
Kitchens and bathrooms are always selling points to a home, and often times these areas do not need a major remodel. Simple updates like painting the cabinets, replacing knobs and handles, or adding a backsplash can greatly increase the value of the home. In the bathroom, homeowners can update showerheads and faucets in order to give the room a more modern feel and increase the value. Even though kitchens and bathrooms are important, there are other areas of the home that can be updated in order to up the value. Painting bedrooms, updating the crown molding and baseboards, or adding larger closets are a good way to update and increase value.

Major projects worth looking into
If homeowners are looking to change their home in a major way, their first considerations should be the kitchen. According to Front Door, a major kitchen renovation has an average of 68.7 percent payback in a sale. Installing custom cabinets, laminate or granite counter tops, and durable flooring greatly raises the value of a home and if homeowners can afford it, the kitchen is the first place they should start when remodeling. Most people remodel for space purposes, therefore other major remodeling projects could be finishing the basement to add more bedroom, living, and or storage space. Homeowners could also turn the attic into an extra bedroom or office space, or if they are really adventurous, they could add a second story to a one-story or rambler.

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