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Jigs are almost always the quickest & most accurate way to execute repetitive processes that require a degree of precision for a successful build. We even use assembly jigs for quickly positioning pre-cut dimensional lumber so that our wall panel & floor panel framing is as precisely square & standard-sized as possible. For us this results in a panelized construction system that can be arranged to make a variety of homestead structures from pre-built panels that are in our modular inventory. Solid wall panels, wall panels with windows, wall panels with doors, etc. All are exactly 4'x8' in size and are interchangeable for any particular build project that we need to do.

That Wolfcraft undercover jig looks like a quick & accurate way to make wood joinery screwed connections. Especially for DIY'ers who may not have a router or may not be comfortable with cutting dado's on the most dangerous tool in the shop - the table saw. Okay, so the experienced carpenters & master cabinetmakers would use more advanced joinery techniques on a bookshelf (that's great), but the rest of us just want quick & usable results. Think I'll try that undercover jig...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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