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Programmable thermostats, heat pumps and aux heat

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I'm thinking about getting a programmable thermostat for my electric heat pump system. My significant other can't stand the cold so she keeps the heat running a little higher than I'd like (no exceptions!) in the winter. I'd like to be able to let the temperature drop as much as 10-15 degrees during the day when we're at work and at night when we're sleeping... but warm up before she gets home or wakes up.

One thing I have not found much info on is programmable thermostats and auxiliary heat. If the thermostat is set more than 2 or 3 degrees higher than the inside temperature in winter, the emergency heat kicks on. I know this is inefficient, but it seems that if I program the thermostat to kick up 10-15 degrees every day, the emergency heat would run a long time destroying any efficiency the prog. thermostat would provide in the first place!

So, my question is... do they make programmable thermostats that will prevent the aux heat from kicking on, or would it simply be impossible for an electric heat pump to warm up 10-15 degrees without it? Or is 10-15 degrees ridiculous and I should just be operating at a smaller temp margin anyway? Is a programmable thermostat even necessary or perhaps use it only with the A/C in summer?
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Although there are a couple stats that will keep the aux heat off as much as possible.

10° is just too much.

It would often have to start recovery 4 or 6 hours early to get up to set temp withoutthe aux heat.
So it even worth it, or can just a couple degrees a day make a big difference?

And could the programmable range be higher in the summer using AC?
The range can be higher in the summer.
But, it will still take a long time to recover during the hotter days.

On some hot days, it could take an hour to recover 1°
So you don't want to set back to far in the summer ether. If you want to be comfortable shortly after you come home.
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