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Hi all!
I finally have my new floors in, they are Strand Woven Bamboo & they are nailed down. I am looking to accomplish a few things & wondering what product/products I would use to:

---make the floor as water resistant as possible
--- and also seal/fill-in the slight gaps in between some of the boards so the entire floor feels smooth & continuous when you run your foot or hand across it.

I hope that makes sense. I had one person suggest "Streetshoe" & another suggested "Bonakemi." Any help would be appreciated & I attached a couple pics re: my new floor's specs.
Thanks in advance!


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My suggestion:

Leave it alone. You'll void any manufacturer finish warranty you may have by adding anything to the existing finish. You have what you need; Klumpp is a great product. Even the finest site finished floors(smooth & continuous) are successuptible to moisture with seasonal changes in relative humidity.

As far as the gaps. I'm thinking you're referring to the micro bevels?
Leave it be and enjoy your new floor.
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