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Process for painting trim

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I just redid our bathroom and put in new prehung primered doors and casing and base. The doors I just hung how they were for now. The trim I sanded, primed, and two coats of sherwin williams pro classic. Sprayed it all with graco truecoat gun and it turned out great. But then when I put the trim on it left nail holes to fill. So will need to fill the holes and then paint over. Not sure if I will have to the whole pieces of trim or just touch up the nail holes.

But that got me to thinking, if I do end up having to put another whole coat on my trim is it worth it to spray two coats on before installing it? I have a shop were I can spray it fast and easy and it looks great so would rather spray it if possible. But if I have to put a coat on anyway after installation then I could probably just prime and one coat of paint in the shop and then will have to brush the second coat after installing it. I hate brushing trim because it takes so much longer then spraying and it doesn't turn out as nice and because my hands cramp up holding the brush. But if that's the right way to get good results then I guess that is what I will have to do.

So wondering what your process is for painting trim?
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I paint molding before nailing it in place. Particularly for baseboard, its a heck of a lot more comfortable painting it on a bench, at 36" height, rather than lying on the floor and trying to avoid getting paint on floor or walls. After installing, I have to fill any nail divots, and then give it another coat of paint, but that last coat is fast and easy because I have no cutting (other than perhaps a small bead of acrylic caulk).

But i don't have a spray gun, I do it all by brush. I can see the problem you have with the spraygun. I can't see an option other than brushing the whole thing.
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