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We have a circuit that feeds an outdoor fountain/decorative pool. The pool has a submersible line voltage pump/fountain and line voltage light in the pool. There are no shared neutrals on the circuit.

The circuit has an outdoor plastic in-ground box and each circuit to pump and light have their own faceless GFIs which are installed inside gasketed outdoor metal boxes within the plastic in-ground box.

After a tough winter, upon opening the area for the season both GFIs were found to be likely internally corroded and not working. I replaced both with Leviton Spec Grade facess GFIs and all was fine ...

... for a few weeks. Now, neither GFI is testable or resettable. In other words, they appear to be fried internally, again, after only a month in service. They haven't been exposed to water/weather during that time.

They were properly wired by an electrician and when I replaced them I did so in exactly the same manner.

Ideas? What would cause them to fail so quickly? I know that there can be problems with motor loads on a GFI but code requires their use here and they worked all last season with no problems.

Below grade conduits terminating in the box have had water in them but I've removed it. Still not working.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

I'm afraid I can't help you much other than to say the gfi is probably fried. I'm pretty unhappy with the quality of Leviton gfis in general though. I installed a 15 amp in an exterior wall recently...... failed almost right away when running a fairly light duty hammer drill.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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