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Is that fondation pump have plug on it ? if so unplug and test the GFCI ditto with the luminaire as well.

Before you do anything with the GFCI unplug everything even disconnect the load items what it is on and test it first to see if that hold or not if not then get new GFCI, I rather use the Pass & Seymour company verison they are somehow better than levetion as couple other members in here comment the same thing.

Did you have UF cable going underground or what ?

I know you mention in ground plastique box however did you look at the connections in the box is really filled with water or very damp inside { I expected to be damp and you should drill a small hole so it can able drain any accoumecd water out of the box }

If you can post the photo that will really help us a bit with this.

I know you can go with GFCI breaker route but just be aware that not all load centres will take GFCI breakers unless you have pretty modern load centre.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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