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We recently moved into our new construction home. We had engineered hardwood, made by Naturally Aged Flooring, put down throughout most of the first floor. Somewhere around 1600 sq/ft.

After the floor was put in, it was immediately covered with cardboard to protect it while the rest of the construction was finished up. I was told by one of the flooring installers that they would need to come back and touch up a few spots that got chipped etc. I had not got the opportunity to see the entire floor but I did not see this as a major concern at the time.

We have been moved in for a little over two months now. Upon a quick inspection after first moving in, we did notice some spots where the installers stained some chipping and so forth. Once again, we didn't think too much of it as the floor has a distressed look to it anyway.

However, we are now experiencing multiple slivers popping up on the bevelled edges...some 2-3 inches long. At this point, I decided to do a much more detailed inspection of the floor and found A LOT of spots the floor that had been touched up by the flooring installers.
Once discovering this, I called Naturally Aged Flooring and they opted to send out an independent flooring inspector. The inspector came out and submitted his findings back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer notified the claims person at the supply house where I purchased the product.

I received word from the claims person at the supply house stating that the manufacturer will send out 10 cartons of flooring so that individual boards can be replaced. However, the manufacturer will not pay for labour since they feel that the damaged boards should have been tossed and replaced during the install.

Just recently my contractor and the president of the supply house came out to the house recently to look at the floor. After meeting with me, they had a discussion amongst themselves and stated that they would replace the damaged boards.

In preparation for them to come out and replace the damaged boards, I have done a detailed inspection of the floor. During this time, I noticed A LOT of boards had hairline cracks near the long edge. As I marked these with masking tape, I noticed that all the cracks were on the tongue side of the boards. I grabbed a magnet and sure enough there was always a nail immediately to the left or right of these hairline cracks.

I have counted at least 50 of these hairline cracks within the boards that are installed in the kitchen alone. This does not include the countless chips and splinters.

I have yet to fully inspect the living room, mater bedroom, master closet and my office. It seems inevitable that something is going to snag on these cracks (socks, microfiber duster, etc.) and rip off a splinter in the top of the veneer.

My concern is that so many boards have problems that I think that the entire floor should be replaced. It's not like we are talking 10-20 random boards. Maybe some of the "problems" I am seeing are acceptable and I am expecting too much. I know that wood is going to get damaged here and there during the installation process. However, the type of damage that I am seeing seems excessive.



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