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A few days ago I installed a new 110 circuit to add some lights and a fan. The box was a bit tight and the new breaker had to go at the bottom so it was easier to route if I popped off the upper ones an swung them to the side.

I reinstalled everything and restored power and everything seemed fine, except 36 hours later I had no hot water, zero. I pulled the panel on the heater and tested the red and black lines going to the main block and got 0 volts instead of 220. I went back to the panel and tested between the two circuit breakers and got zero. when I test between either of them and ground, I get 110, but between them, 0.

I'm far from expert but it seems as if I wired them out of phase or something. The two GE breakers in the circle are for the WH circuit. I'm pretty sure I connected them back to the same lugs they were on, but not 100% on it. The gap above them seems a bit odd. On the left of it there is a grab lug to hold the back of a breaker, but there is no connector lug in the center so I don't see how a breaker could go there.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? I really need a hot shower :)

Thank You,

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