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problem with window jams

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well i baught a house a few months ago, it needs a little work, its my first home so i am learning some of this as i go.

Well i have tore out plaster from the LR walls and ceiling, i did this because the plaster was in poor shape and there is not any insulation in the walls.
Well before the plaster was even tore out i noticed that the window jam ( the box that the window sits in ) was sticking out waaayy to far, now that i am ready for some drywall i need to trim this back so that it meets the drywall, i want it to stick out only 1/2" so it will be flush with the drywall, is there any way to cut the jam back with the windows in place?

it is thicking out about 1 1/2" right now.

thanks for the help.
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You can't really trim the window frame down, it won't work. Unless there where extension jambs originally installed on the windows. How much space is the between the edge of the jamb and lower sash?? Usually only about 1/2". The better way would be to space the drywall out with furring strips or similar.
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