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problem with window jams

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well i baught a house a few months ago, it needs a little work, its my first home so i am learning some of this as i go.

Well i have tore out plaster from the LR walls and ceiling, i did this because the plaster was in poor shape and there is not any insulation in the walls.
Well before the plaster was even tore out i noticed that the window jam ( the box that the window sits in ) was sticking out waaayy to far, now that i am ready for some drywall i need to trim this back so that it meets the drywall, i want it to stick out only 1/2" so it will be flush with the drywall, is there any way to cut the jam back with the windows in place?

it is thicking out about 1 1/2" right now.

thanks for the help.
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Install the drywall, then screw a temporary 1x3 board along side of the jamb. Use a router to trim the face of the jamb almost flush with the drywall. Leave it stand about 1/16" out. Remove the temporary 1x3 and sand the face of the jamb. Some people hand plane them down, but I like the router better.
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