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Problem with Kitchen light

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Hi. I have a square light fixture on the ceiling of my kitchen. It has been problematic since we moved in 10 years ago. It has 2 U-shaped fluorescent bulbs. When I turn it on, it usually works. But often, it doesn't, or it takes forever to turn on, or just one bulb will turn on. Both bulbs are good. So I just bought a new ballast, and the problem didn't go away. I'm out of options. Any thoughts as to the problem and how to fix it? Thanks.
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I replaced them a few years ago thinking that might help. If a bulb demonstrates that it is capable of lighting, I'm curious what could be wrong with the bulb to prevent it from lighting at another time.
Check to see if the fixture itself is grounded. It should be. I have found that grounds not connected to the fixture ground can cause erratic performance in fluorescent lights.
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