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Problem with extractor fan

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I have just replaced my extractor fan in the bathroom and have encountered a problem. The extractor fan make/model is, MANROSE - VXF100S BASIC. I have connected it ok (i think) as it is working, however it does not seem to stop. It's connected to the light switch so immediately comes on via light being switched on.

This model does not have a timer. Usually they should stop max 10/15 mins.

Can anyone help?
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You wired it wrong?
Tell us how you wired it and maybe can tell you where the problem is.
Can you explain how it is supposed to work. Is is supposed to go on with the switch and then stay running after you turn off the switch?
Can you find infomation about installtion online and post the link. Could be second live wire is for the timer to keep fan running on timer after you turn off light and leave.
Does it go on and off with the light switch?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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