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Problem with extractor fan

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I have just replaced my extractor fan in the bathroom and have encountered a problem. The extractor fan make/model is, MANROSE - VXF100S BASIC. I have connected it ok (i think) as it is working, however it does not seem to stop. It's connected to the light switch so immediately comes on via light being switched on.

This model does not have a timer. Usually they should stop max 10/15 mins.

Can anyone help?
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problem with extractor fan

Hi Bob22

thx for yr msg. The model is correct. there are some websites showing it as XF100s rather than VXF. When the light is switched off it continues to rotate. This should stop after 10-15mins, however it is continuing non-stop. Haven't got a clue what the problem is!!!
problem with extractor

Hi Joed

the old extractor had three wire ports 1. live1, live2 and neutral. The new one had live1 and neutral.

So connected live1 to live1 and neutral to neutral. left live 2 alone
problem with extractor fan

:)Hi joed.

spot on mate. I connected the timer wire (extra L2 wire) instead the L1 wire. As the fan does not have a timer then the L1 wire is required. When I changed them around it worked. When I switch the light on/off then the fan starts/stops. Problem solved.

thx for all yr help
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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