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I can't remember the manufacturer of the under-cabinet lights, so here's a description: six lights, single transformer, each pair of lights connects to the transformer with (and I laughed when I discovered this) a 3' extension cord. The transformer is controlled with a puck-sized touch-switch on an ~18" long, very thin wire, and moves the lights between 3 settings (4 if you count "off" as a setting.)

They've worked well for a few months. Tonight, the lights were on and I touched the "switch" to turn them off and nothing happened. I unplugged the transformer and the lights went out, naturally. I plugged it back in, tapped the switch. A whole lot of nothing happened again.

I'm guessing it's the switch. Can replacement switches be had? Is there something I can do as a stop-gap so I can have light until I find a solution?

- EDIT: the switch is one of those galvanic switches - no moving parts, just a copper connection. I took the switch apart and touched the copper directly and got no response. Dead transformer, then..? Grr.

Bill in KC, MO
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