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problem installing water filter now normal faucet dont work

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hey guys , i wanted to put a faucet for a water filter in the slot where the hose attachment goes in the sink, so i unconnected the hose and didnt know what to do so i cut the ends off the two going into the hose junction that go into what used to be the hose for the spray hose , hooked an elbow to the cold side (i thought ) and put hose to the filter, water comes out the filter but nothing comes out normal faucet , no hot or cold heres a pic of what i did : / anyway i can fix this or do i need a new faucet another problem, i seemed to have stripped the alan wrench thing on the handle so i can get to the hoses from that side , the normal faucet is a delta and its kind with 1 handle

any help will be greatle appreciated, thanks
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You did not mention what your experience doing plumbing was. You maybe in a good position to stop now and have someone come out and look at what needs to be done.
Very hard to tell what's going on in that picture---why is your new system hooked into the old faucet?
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