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proactive planning

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i have a 6y/o'ish TAPPAN gas furnace. it is working fine right now. but i know these break from time to time. my wife is disabled, so i CAN NOT do without heat for very long. so i was think = buy the common parts ahead of time. then when THAT time comes, there is a good chance i will have what is needed to make a quick and inexpensive repair.

what i don't know, is what parts should i buy ? and i will be buying these parts, hoping i never need them. least not for 10+ years.
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its a 2007. and these numbers are on it. 903784A , L1ra-o72c-12b.
HSI, and blower motor run capacitor.
Hot Surface Igniter. That's what lights the gas when the thermostat calls for heat.
thanx. i think i jinxed myself = furnace went out. and its neither of those .
Look for an error code. An LED flashing in the small window.
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