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Hopefully some roofing professionals and aspiring contractors will read this.

My manufactured home will need a new roof within a year or two, I suspect. A Google search showed me that there are some businesses in the USA offering roofing franchises to aspiring entrepreneurs. Too bad it appears that no franchise has been created in San Diego county.

I say that because I recently had a good experience when hiring a painting franchise. They were much better to deal with than the pro painters and handymen I had tried to work with previously, and that's partly because of the well-thought-out system created by the national franchising organization. Surprisingly, they cost me less than the others were bidding, too.

I dread the process of vetting roofers and going through a similar ordeal as I did with my paint job. Will somebody launch a franchised roofing operation in northern San Diego county?

Pretty please?! :vs_OMG:
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