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Privacy fence_Metal fence panels

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Looking at a possible privacy fence and due to the way my yard runs it will need to be about 8ft tall when it starts and end up being about 10ft tall.
Looking at using 6by6 pressure post 12ft and putting 3 foot in the ground with concrete or purchasing some 12ft 3 inch schedule 40 steel pipes and using it for the post. What I thought about was after installing the post which I would put 8ft apart, I would run 2by6 boards from post to post and then install 2 by 6 pressure boards butted up against each other for the most privacy. I then thought about taking metal roofing panels that are 18 inches wide that would screw into the runner boards for complete privacy and also to assist with keeping noise from neighbors yard down. The metal panels I would look at using are the same as what is on my house. Color tinted the color we wanted for our roof and the metal panels have raised ridges that once they are fastened down the next panel overlaps the screw used to fasten the panel. That way no fasterners are exposed. The panels are also commercial metal panels, not the type you would see on standard metal buildings, a little thicker. Any thoughts on this idea, any ideas on what would be a better way. I have seen one fence when I was working in Arkansas a few years ago and it had the metal roofing panels and it really looked very good. Any advice would be great.
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