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Priming New Drywall

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Today, I had to paint a large room with all new drywall. I don't do this too often. I have read on here that adhesion can be an issue of you don't get ALL the dust. A primer supposedly can do a better job even if there is a little dust left. So I figured I should do that. I think some people on here recommend using 123, so I wanted to use that, but Home Depot is still on Winter hours and I couldn't get there in time on a Sunday. So I wound up at Sherwin-Williams and I got a fiver of PVA. I am kind of scared of PVA because it is so cheap. But it is made for exactly this application, so it seemed like I can't go too far wrong. I wasn't really sure what cover to use, so I just grabbed one of my 1/2" White Dove's. What a pain to work with! It was just dripping and splattering all over the place. Then when I finally got it to the wall, it wouldn't come off the roller. I dunno. I was just hoping to get some feedback to see what I could have done better.
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I personally don't like PVA as I have had problems with it flashing. I would have waited to get the 123. Kind of unusual that SW is open later than Home Depot.
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PVA for all its faults isn't a washout. It's ok for drywall. I've never had the problems you describe with SW's PVA primer. It usually goes on fairly nice for me. I use Purdy Marathon roller sleeves (1/2") and find that it rolls out just fine, not as easily as paint does, but decent enough.
I would say you need a different roller sleeve or technique.It does flash off quick but works well.
Okay. That's what I needed to know!
Uh-oh, I was just in Sherwin-Williams today and asking their advice on drywall primer and paint for a house we're repairing (had minor flood damage). I have new drywall on the bottom 4 ft of the walls and the original undamaged drywall and finish on the top 4 ft.

I asked the SW counter person for a recommendation and she seemed pretty knowledgeable and suggested their PVA and their Super Paint (paint and primer in one).
I did specify that I needed to prime both new and existing drywall surfaces in each room to get the best primer recommendation.

I've always heard that Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paints are better than the big orange and blue box stores, but after the original post here I'm really curious about other people's experiences with both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore primers and paints.
I love SW. I was probably just using the wrong roller cover.
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