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Primed fiber cement siding and water/rain

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I recently bought a house that was found to have rotten window sills...something the inspector missed. We ended up having to replace the windows, which --- since we have asbestos siding --- means we have to replace the siding as well. Contractors can't take it off. I bought about $600 of GAF Weatherside fiber cement shingles as replacements.

QUESTION: We're supposed to have a partly sunny day tomorrow, so if the felt is fully dry, I'm planning on putting up the replacement shingles. But every day in the next week calls for a potential thunderstorm. Since the fiber cement shingles are only primed, can I leave them up until the sun comes back for painting?

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It really shouldn't make a difference even if they weren't painted at all. The only issue with water would be if it got behind the shingle and was trapped there. If water gets behind a slate roof it will deteriorate the slate. Don't know how the shingle would fare.
It is okay as long as they are primed. Make sure to prime any cuts. Painting should take place as soon as the weather allows. I can't remember how long it can remain unpainted and just primed. I called a rep about this a year ago and I believe they told me a month but I'm not sure. At any rate, the sooner the better as the primer will begin to deteriorate if not covered with paint in a reasonable amount of time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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