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pricing the cost of roofing

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I need to know how much laminated timberline shingles should cost and how much it should cost to have a contractor reroof 29.67 squaares
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Ive been doing the math and it looks like about at 27.97 per bundle would be close to 90 per square equals 2700 for shingles and 230 for paper about 3000 i guesss for materials. is there a law that says you cant do the work yourseslf or hire laborers is my math about right and how much do contractors charge to rip off and replace just would like advice. I dont want o get ripped by insurance and i dont want to rip insurance i have never filed a claim and i pay good money some of the money was allotted for other damages on the place i appreciate your concern about pocketing money thats not my intentiions I just want to know and understand when a contractor gives my estimates that I have some knowledge of his thinking. they have so many jobs going right now that they can gouge me I want to know all options and understand thier intentions as well thanks for answering
You're thought processes are interesting, flawed, but interesting.
This is what you do.
You call in 3-4 roofing contractors. Ones who do this for a living, not,"two guys with a hammer". That would be the, "one person said 20 dollars per square off and 20 on."
You give them all a spec sheet of the job specifics so they are all bidding on the exact same job. You ask them questions while they are there initially and then you ask them questions when you get the estimate.
If you post pictures of the house and roof, tell us where you live, we can help with the spec sheet aspect.
If you want the, " hammer guys", you're on your own.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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