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pricing the cost of roofing

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I need to know how much laminated timberline shingles should cost and how much it should cost to have a contractor reroof 29.67 squaares
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Plan this better

Hey Chuck, I'm in the same process as you, and 29 squares. The "two guys with a hammer" sounds like the deal that will force you to re-roof in a couple of years. Follow MJW's suggestions instead, they are excellent.

Study your roof and your claim and make a list of concerns. Be as brief as you can. Add the things you'd prefer to have. When you interview roofers, wait for them to address those concerns. The good roofers will inevitably point at them.

Get at least 4 bids. Hire the crew you trust the most. Get referrals, too.

Take advantage of the deadline, but it's time to start the process so that it doesn't loom over you.

Be organized and accurate with expenses. Your insurance most likely will come back to inspect the completed job and will ask for copies of invoices.

Also be aware that it is against the law NOT to pay your deductible. Oklahoma and Texas have specific laws about this. Be aware that if your insurance is asking for certain items to be replaced, that you have to replace them or prove that such a replacement will adversely affect the construction of your home. And in such cases, the insurance ought to retain that portion.

Some more suggestions: Knowledge is power

1) Read this forum, the Contractor's Talk forum and the Roofing Forum. These are very knowledgeable people. THe little things they have already taught me have helped me intimidate scammers.

2) Also read the National Roofing Contractors' Association and Texas Roofing Contractors' Association, the Texas Department of Insurance has a bunch of links and pages filled with information about materials and procedures.

Then you can also Google your timberlines and many roofing companies already state their charges. Some of these could be the companies near your area.
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